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Tamar E. Granor, Scott Carr, Sam Hiser

OOoSwitch: 501 Things You Want to Know About Switching OpenOffice.org from Microsoft Office

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ISBN: 1930919360
Издательство: Hentzenwerke Corporation
As Microsoft Office users are converting to OpenOffice.org in droves due to a wide difference in price and no onerous licensing or restrictive installation and activation requirements, this timely guide to making this switch helps MS Office users get up to speed quickly. With the goal of preventing Office users from becoming bogged down and spending a lot of time learning how OpenOffice.org's functionality differs, this book allows them to accomplish what they can already do in Microsoft Office withtheir new office suite. Covered are the installation and configuration of OOo, file compatibility, exchange, and layouts. Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw are also discussed as replacements for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint along with hundreds of tips on using them in day-to-day work. The capabilities of OOo Math are demonstrated, as is the OOo application programming interface.