Обложка книги StarOffice 5.2 Companion

StarOffice 5.2 Companion


ISBN: 0130307033;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR

The practical, user-friendly, insider's guide to mastering StarOffice! -The step-by-step, task-based productivity guide to StarOffice -For Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms -Covers Writer, Calc, Impress, Web, Draw, Image, Schedule, Mail, Address Book, Base, and more Imagine: an office productivity suite that's powerful, easy to use, thoroughly integrated-and free! For millions of Linux, Solaris, and Windows users, this is no fantasy. It's a reality, with StarOffice. Now, there's a comprehensive, task-based guide to making the most of StarOffice 5.2 - direct from Sun Microsystems, developer of StarOffice! StarOffice 5.2 Companion also incorporates solutions to questions from hundreds of new StarOffice users, making this the most practical, task-oriented book around. This book delivers clear, step-by-step coverage of every key StarOffice component-focusing on the features, techniques, and tips that help you do what you need to do to get your job done. You'll find...