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Rick Freedman

The eConsultant: Guiding Clients to Net Success

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ISBN: 0787956295
Издательство: Pfeiffer
The eConsultant --written by bestselling author of the foundation text in IT consulting, The IT Consultant --is a hands-on guide for enhancing your consulting skills and helping your clients create successful strategies for the Network Economy. Freedman works with consulting companies and clients around the world, helping them prepare their businesses to win on the Web, and The eConsultant brings you the best of this extensive real-world experience. You'll learn lessons from the champions on the Internet, and discover how to help clients avoid the errors of the Internet "gold-rush." You'll read in-depth interviews with thought leaders of the Network Economy, including leading venture capitalists, eConsultants, and IT analysts. The eConsultant provides a complete course in the theory and practice of guiding clients to success in the next phase of the Internet revolution. "Internet consulting is a broad and complex topic, and Freedman has done a great...