Обложка книги Advanced Game Development with Programmable Graphics Hardware

Advanced Game Development with Programmable Graphics Hardware

ISBN: 156881240X;
Издательство: A K Peters, Ltd.
Страниц: 384

Book DescriptionWritten for game programmers and developers, this book covers GPU techniques and supporting applications that are commonly used in games and similar real-time 3D applications. The authors describe the design of programs and systems that can be used to implement games and other applications whose requirements are to render real-time animation sequences (such as walks through complex scenes) at the high quality now available from GPUs. The text is mainly structured around programming inCg; but also includes techniques (in C++/OpenGl) that do not map onto GPU hardware. The supplementary CD includes implementation for most of the techniques covered in the book and full source code for an advanced render library in Cg/C++/OpenGL. This library can be used to quickly develop 3D games and applications which make use of the advanced features available in current programmable graphics hardware like GPU based animation, lighting, shadows and special effects.