Обложка книги Control Systems for Live Entertainment, Second Edition

Control Systems for Live Entertainment, Second Edition

ISBN: 0240803485;
Издательство: Focal Press

Control Systems for Live Entertainment provides essential information for technicians, engineers and designers interested in how control systems and computers are used in the live entertainment arena. Specifically covering control for lighting, lasers, sound, video, film projection, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects and pyrotechnics for theatre, concerts, theme parks, themed-retail, cruise ships, museums, corporate and other events. Drawing on his extensive experience in the field and classroom, author John Huntington clearly explains everything that goes on behind the scenes and inside the machines to bring bold visions to life in real-world settings. Sections on all major entertainment control standards, methods and protocols, including DMX512, MIDI, MIDI Show Control, Sony 9-Pin, SMPTE Time Code and many others Basics of control systems, data communications, and networks, including EIA serial standards and Ethernet System design concepts and case...

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