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Joao M. C. Sousa, Uzay Kaymak

Fuzzy Decision Making in Modeling and Control (World Scientific Series in Robotics and Intelligent Systems)

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ISBN: 9810248776
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
Decision making and control are two fields with distinct methods for solving problems, and yet they are closely related. This book bridges the gap between decision making and control in the field of fuzzy decisions and fuzzy control, and discusses various ways in which fuzzy decision making methods can be applied to systems modeling and control. Fuzzy decision making is a powerful paradigm for dealing with human expert knowledge when one is designing fuzzy model-based controllers. The combination of fuzzy decision making and fuzzy control in this book can lead to novel control schemes that improve the existing controllers in various ways. The following applications of fuzzy decision making methods for designing control systems are considered: * Fuzzy decision making for enhancing fuzzy modeling. The values of important parameters in fuzzy modeling algorithms are selected by using fuzzy decision making. * Fuzzy decision making for designing signal-based fuzzy controllers....