Обложка книги H-Infinity Engineering and Amplifier Optimization (SYSTEMS AND CONTROLS)

H-Infinity Engineering and Amplifier Optimization (SYSTEMS AND CONTROLS)


ISBN: 081763780X;
Издательство: Birkhauser Boston

This extensively illustrated monograph makes a significant application of H-infinity theory to electronic amplifier design, demonstrating how recent developments in H-infinity engineering equip amplifier designers with new tools and avenues for research.To foster this blend of mathematics and engineering, the author begins with a careful review of required circuit theory for the applied mathematician. Similarly, a review of necessary H-infinity theory is provided for the electrical engineer having some background in control theory. The presentation emphasizes how to compute the best possible performance available from any matching circuits, benchmark existing matching solutions, and generalize results to multiple amplifiers. As the monograph develops, many research directions are pointed out for both disciplines. The physical meaning of a mathematical problem is made explicit for the mathematician, while circuit problems are presented in the H-infinity framework for the engineer. A...