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Derong Liu, Panos J. Antsaklis

Stability and Control of Dynamical Systems With Applications: A Tribute to Anthony N. Michel (Control Engineering (Birkhauser).)

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ISBN: 0817632336
Издательство: Birkhauser Boston
The twenty-one invited chapters in this book are an outgrowth of a workshop to honor Anthony N. Michel on the occasion of his retirement. The workshop provided a venue for researchers, colleagues, friends, and students to pay tribute to Michel's significant contributions to the systems and control community; at the same time, the workshop also served as a forum to explore topics and applications related to the stability and control of dynamical systems. Michel has been a pioneer in many research fields including large-scale dynamical systems, nonlinear systems stability analysis, recurrent neural networks, and more recently, qualitative analysis of hybrid and discontinuous dynamical systems. His work is characterized both by great depth, as exemplified by his contributions to stability theory of dynamical systems, and by great breadth, as demonstrated by the wide range of problems he has addressed. The chapters are thematically organized into three main areas related to...