Обложка книги Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems

Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems

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ISBN: 0792376390;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

The first motivation of Synthesis and Control of Discrete Event Systems is to inform the reader of recent developments and current trends in system synthesis. This is a field of active research aiming to supply efficient techniques for developing safe systems in various areas, covering control of embedded and manufacturing systems, distributed implementation of systems and protocols, and hardware circuits. In all areas, considerations about distribution and care for an efficient implementation of the synthesised systems play an increasing role, justified by better applicability to problems encountered in the design of practical systems. The second motivation of the book, which is a selection of presentations given at two workshops on synthesis of controllers and on synthesis of concurrent systems, is to incite the research community to establish stronger links between two subjects that could be better related, as several presentations do show. The selected papers are research papers...

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