Обложка книги Adaptive Control of Systems with Actuator Failures

Adaptive Control of Systems with Actuator Failures

ISBN: 1852337885;
Издательство: Springer
Страниц: 299

Book DescriptionWhen an actuator fails, chaos or calamity can often ensue. It is because the actuator is the final step in the control chain, when the control system’s instructions are made physically real that failure can be so important and hard to compensate for. When the nature or location of the failure is unknown, the offsetting of consequent system uncertainties becomes even more awkward. Adaptive Control of Systems with Actuator Failures centres on counteracting situations in which unknown control inputs become indeterminately unresponsive over an uncertain period of time by adapting the responses of remaining functional control systems. Both “lock-in-place” and varying-value failures are dealt with. The results presented demonstrate: the existence of nominal plant-model matching controller structures with associated matching conditions for all possible failure patterns; the choice of a desirable adaptive controller structure; derivation of novel...

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