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John Hallam, P. McKevitt, J. Hallam

Hybrid Problems, Hybrid Solutions (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 27)

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ISBN: 9051992165
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc
Hybridness is a topical if somewhat ambiguous, concept. In a research environment where there is increasing acceptance of multiple coexistent research paradigms - at the very least, the so-called Good Old-fashioned AI approach. AI with its emphasis on reasoning with abstract symbols. There is also the Connectionist approach, with its exploration of the synergies of many interconnected simple structures. ``Nouvelle Robotics'' with a focus on the interplay between systems generating skill or behaviour in complete agents - there is scope for considerable argument about principles, research programmes, and the Nature of Things. There is also of course, room for compromise and synthesis. This collection of papers, presented at AISB95 (the 10th biennial conference on AI and the Simulation of Behaviour) reveals both argument and synthesis.