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Robert Fuller

Introduction to Neuro-Fuzzy Systems (Advances in Soft Computing)

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ISBN: 3790812560
Издательство: Springer-Verlag Telos
This book contains introductory material to neuro-fuzzy systems. Its main purpose is to explain the information processing in mostly-used fuzzy inference systems, neural networks and neuro-fuzzy systems. More than 180 figures and a large number of (numerical) exercises (with solutions) have been inserted to explain the principles of fuzzy, neural and neuro-fuzzy systems. Also the mathematics applied in the models is carefully explained, and in many cases exact computational formulas have been derived forthe rules in error correction learning procedures. Numerous models treated in the book will help the reader to design his own neuro-fuzzy system for his specific (managerial, industrial, financial) problem. The book can serve as a textbook for students in computer and management sciences who are interested in adaptive technologies.