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Edward A. Bender

Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence (IEEE Computer Society Press)

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ISBN: 0818672005, 9780818672002
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence introduces the student to the important mathematical foundations and tools in AI and describes their applications to the design of AI algorithms. This useful text presents an introductory AI course based onthe most important mathematics and its applications. It focuses on important topics that are proven useful in AI and involve the most broadly applicable mathematics. The book explores AI from three different viewpoints: goals, methods or tools, andachievements and failures. Its goals of reasoning, planning, learning, or language understanding and use are centered around the expert system idea. The tools of AI are presented in terms of what can be incorporated in the data structures. The book looksinto the concepts and tools of limited structure, mathematical logic, logic-like representation, numerical information, and nonsymbolic structures. The text emphasizes the main mathematical tools for representing and manipulating...