Обложка книги The Elton John Keyboard Book

The Elton John Keyboard Book

ISBN: 0793514789;
Издательство: Hal Leonard Corporation; 2nd edition
Страниц: 184

When playing through the transcriptions in this book, it is important to consider the following: - The primary keyboard part always appears directly below the vocal line. - Any secondary keyboard parts appear below the primary keyboard part. The instrument sound is always indicated in the measure in which the part is first played. (Sound changes are also indicated where appropriate.) In some instances, background keyboard parts, such as those involving "comping," or "playing the chords," are omitted. - Other prominent instrumental parts, such as string and horn lines, are also included. It is important to note that these parts are arranged so that they may be played as secondary keyboard parts. The pitches are accurate; however, the voicings of the chords may be modified to be more indicative of a keyboard approach. - If there is no keyboard part on the recording for an extended time, other instrumental parts are often arranged to be played by the primary...