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Allan Falconer, Joyce Foresman

A System for Survival: GIS and Sustainable Development

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ISBN: 158948052X
Издательство: ESRI Press
Published in support of the 2002 Johannesburg Summit, this handbook details ways that geographic information system (GIS) technology is being used to raise living standards worldwide so that natural resources and habitats are not destroyed in the process. Explained are how to put GIS to work at such tasks as studying the spread of urbanization; analyzing the availability of fresh water and arable land; and visualizing, with disturbing clarity, what deforestation is doing to the planet. Additionally, a primer on the basics of GIS and other related technologies, such as GPS and satellite imagery, and a glossary of relevant technological nomenclature are provided. GIS professionals, environmentalists, and conservationists are provided with an insight into anew technology and how this technology can help preserve and protect the world.