Обложка книги Marine Geography: GIS for the Oceans and Seas

Marine Geography: GIS for the Oceans and Seas

ISBN: 1589480457;
Издательство: ESRI Press

Designed for both experienced marine cartographers and less technically oriented conservationists, this wide-ranging collection of case studies shows how geographic information system (GIS) software is helping scientists study the world's oceans and seas, map various areas of interest, and help preserve marine ecosystems and habitats. This work highlights how geography, maps, and data analysis serve conservation efforts at a time when the world's oceans and seas are increasingly threatened by environmental perils. Also explained is how current theories in marine biology, geology, and conservation-incorporated as they are into GIS-based research systems-are having impacts on marine policies and coastal populations. For experienced marine cartographers or others with a technical background in this field, the book provides specific descriptions of GIS software applications and includes an extensive list and network of author contact information.