Обложка книги Undersea with GIS

Undersea with GIS

ISBN: 1589480163;
Издательство: ESRI Press

Humankind has made more progress during the past 20 years in mapping the surface of neighboring planets than during the past 500 years in mapping the final frontier of Earth: the oceans. Indeed, we still know more about the dark side of the moon and the topography of Venus and Mars than we know of our own ocean floors. And yet the development in the last 10-20 years of sophisticated technologies for ocean data collection and management, including GIS, hold tremendous potential for mapping and interpreting the ocean environment in unprecedented detail. And for geographers, as well as the general public, maps still come to mind as the foundation of geographic inquiry. Undersea With GIS focuses on recent technical advances in mapping the deep oceans, coasts, and estuaries with GIS, as well as nautical charting and scientific visualization. Also included is a special section on Internet delivery of these products, as well as a CD-ROM with GIS tools and extensions for oceanographic...