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Klaus Graebig

Iso 9001:2000 Revision Highlights: A Comparative Guide

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ISBN: 0873895282
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press
This book is written by an expert from Germany on ISO 9000 and the changes to the 2000 version of the standard. This compact pocket guide illustrates the differences between ISO 9001:2000 standard compared to ISO 9001:1994 using a comparative table. Thislist concentrates on the essential changes to the standard. To keep you focused on only the changes to the standard, this book leaves out editorial and other minor changes. Use this pocket guide to give you an overview of the changes by putting the comparison of the two versions into a simple pocket guide. It includes a succinct content comparison to tell you just what has changed between each version of the standard. This little book contains significant amounts of text from both 9001:1994 and 9001:2000. In essence, you get a large portion of 2 standards in one pocket-sized guide.
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