Обложка книги A Programmer's Introduction to C# (Second Edition)

A Programmer's Introduction to C# (Second Edition)

ISBN: 1893115623;
Издательство: APRS

This comprehensive reference to the C# language is designed to help you get up to speed on C#. Author Eric Gunnerson, a developer on Microsoft's C# design team, has logged many hours writing and testing C# code. Thus, he is uniquely poised to effectively coach you on using the language. And you will come to understand how C# fits into Microsoft's .NET Framework. Gunnerson provides the ideal foundation for you to springboard into a C# knowledge base. Core topics include C# basic statements and flow of execution, classes, interfaces, expressions, arrays, enums, interoperability, exception handling, and delegates and events. The final section of the book will enlighten you on the history of C# and compare it to other widely-used programming languages. New features to this second edition include GUI application development using Windows Forms, and advanced topics like threading and execution-time code generation.

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