Обложка книги Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML

Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML


ISBN: 0201738295;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Pub Co

Developing complex software requires more than just churning out lines of code. As a software architect or developer involved in an industrial project, you must understand and be able to leverage critical software sub-disciplines such as architecture, analysis and design techniques, development process, visual modeling, and the underlying technology to be successful. This book brings all these diverse elements together from the J2EE development perspective to provide a holistic approach for the reader. Specifically, this book tries to answer the following key questions: · What is UML and how is it relevant to J2EE development? · How do Java and UML relate to each other? · What are the key concepts in software architecture? · How does a software development process fit into the J2EE software development equation? · How can analysis and design help you in arriving at a better J2EE application design? · What are the key J2EE...