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Floyd Marinescu

EJB Design Patterns: Advanced Patterns, Processes, and Idioms

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ISBN: 0471208310
Издательство: Wiley
A lot of programming involves solving the same kinds of basic problems. Well, what if a community of experts got together and pooled their knowledge to come up with the best programming practices for solving these problems? You would have what are known as design patterns. Author Floyd Marinescu, a leading expert on EJB, worked with the members of the EJB community of TheServerSide.com to put their collective knowledge together to build a library of design patterns, strategies, and best practices for EJB design and development. This treasure-trove of proven best practices will allow developers to quickly solve difficult programming assignments. Unlike other patterns books, this book goes beyond high-level designs to the actual code for implementingthem, saving developers countless hours of time and effort when building scalable, reliable, and maintainable EJB systems.