Обложка книги Formal Engineering for Industrial Software Development

Formal Engineering for Industrial Software Development

ISBN: 3540206027;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

This book gives a systemic and comprehensible introduction to SOFL (Structured Object-oriented Formal Language) as one of Formal Engineering Methods for software development. Formal engineering methods are a further development of formal methods towards industrial application. They support the integration of formal methods into software development processes, the construction of formal specifications in a user-friendly manner, and rigorous but practical verification of software systems. SOFL achieves all of these features by integrating Data Flow Diagrams, Petri Nets, VDM, and Object-Oriented approach in a coherent manner for specification constructions, and by integrating formal verification with fault tree analysis and testing for reviewing and testing specifciations. It also provides a way to transform formal specifications into Java programs. SOFL does not only make formal methods accessable to engineers, but also make the use of formal methods enjoyable and effective. Many...

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