Обложка книги Hardcore JFC: Conquering the Swing Architecture

Hardcore JFC: Conquering the Swing Architecture


ISBN: 0521664896;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

Hardcore JFC (previously announced as Mastering the Java Foundation Classes) is a comprehensive guide to the functionality and practical use of the Java Foundation Classes (JFC). It presents intermediate and advanced techniques for exploiting the power and flexibility of JFC and the Swing component set. With a strong focus on fundamentals and pragmatic applications, the author shows how JFC and Swing can add tremendous value to Java applications. Several concrete illustrations reveal how to enhance the JFC architecture, such as leveraging the Model/View/Controller paradigm, customizing and developing new components, and techniques for creating look-and-feel user interface classes. Thousands of lines of effective, well-constructed and reusable example code demonstrate important design and development issues. Any Java professional will find this book to be a vital reference.

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