Обложка книги Java Programming Today

Java Programming Today

ISBN: 013048623X;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This book for today's beginning programmers presents the Java language and object-oriented concepts without overwhelming computer science terminology, but covers many complex topics that are required for the Java programmer. It is written in ?plainEnglish,? with a wide variety of sample programs; and includes such practical information as instructions for setting up the Java? 2 Software Development Kit from Sun Microsystems, and compiling, running, and debugging code. Packaged with a CD-ROM that includes all of the software beginning users will need to learn Java, the book is clear and easy-to-read, with excellent visuals. It has a large variety of fun ways to run program examples along with easy-to-understand figures, tables, and appendices. Presenting first an overview of the language, it introduces Java fundamentals, including keywords, operators, primitive data types, Strings, and arithmetic. It then proceeds through class hierarchy concepts, introducing the...