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Markus Volter, Alexander Schmid, Eberhard Wolff

Server Component Patterns : Component Infrastructures Illustrated with EJB (Wiley Software Patterns Series)

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ISBN: 0470843195
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Component technologies like Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), COM+ and CORBA Components (CCM) have become mainstream in many application domains. Developers and architects who use this technology in their everyday work need to know more about component infrastructures than the API's of the respective technology. And this is the book they need. The first part of the book introduces a pattern language that describes how server-side component infrastructures work internally. It does not only adress the basic building blocks and their interactions. It also provides details about the reasons and rationales for this kind of system architecture. For each pattern, the book provides short examples of how it is implemented in EJB, CCM and COM+. These examples thus also serve as a good comparison of those three mainstream component infrastructures. The second part of the book uses EJB technology to provide even more detailed examples for the patterns, including UML...