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Marilyn Bohl, Maria Rynn

Tools for Structured and Object-Oriented Design: An Introduction to Programming Logic, Sixth Edition

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ISBN: 0130494984
Издательство: Prentice Hall
With exceptionally clear explanation of basic programming design principles, this book really starts from the beginning and assumes no prior programming knowledge. Using a unique concept-oriented, language-independent approach, it explores the full range of structured design concepts and problem-solving tools?through simple language, step-by-step examples, many sample problems, enrichment sections, and exercises. Chapter topics cover an introduction to structured design, SIMPLE SEQUENCE control structure, IFTHENELSE control structure, DOWHILE control structure?counter-controlled loops, modularization, DOWHILE control structure?trailer record logic, CASE control structure, DOUNTIL control structure, introduction to arrays, object-oriented programming concepts, array applications, master file update processing, and control-break processing. For self-teachers and -learners of computer programming concepts.