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Jake Sturm

VB6 UML Design and Development

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ISBN: 1861002513
Издательство: Peer Information Inc.
UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a powerful notational approach to object-oriented analysis, design and implementation. If you understand and can utilize UML, your object-oriented Visual Basic programming becomes much more logical and effective.UML allows you to design, plan and implement great Visual Basic programs. The ease of learning the fundamentals of Visual Basic often misleads VB programmers - there is a common misperception that effective VB programs can be built in an ad-hoc fashion, without thinking through the full ramifications of the programs being created. Object-oriented programming, and UML in particular, empowers VB programmers with a system of thinking, designing and implementing their programs in a more professional, robust manner. UML is a route to successful VB programming. This initiative started with the Wrox book, "Beginning VB5/6 Objects", which introduced the object-oriented methodology itself. Now, VB6 UML takes that initiative a stage...