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Bruce Powel Douglass

Real-Time Design Patterns: Robust Scalable Architecture for Real-Time Systems

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ISBN: 0201699567
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Pub Co
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 528
Goals Real-time and embedded systems (RTE systems) must execute in a much more constrained environment than "traditional" computer systems such as desktop and mainframe computers. RTE systems must be highly efficient, optimally utilizing their limited processor and memory resources, and yet must often outperform systems with significantly more compute power. In addition, many RTE systems have important safety-critical and high-reliability requirements because they are often used in systems such as avionics flight control, nuclear power plant control, life support and medical instrumentation. The creation of RTE systems to meet these functional and quality of service requirements requires highly experienced developers with decades of experience. Yet, over the years, these developers have encountered the same problems over and over--maybe not exactly the same problems but common threads. The very best developers abstract these problems and their solutions into generalized approaches...