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Y. N. Srikant, Priti Shankar

The Compiler Design Handbook: Optimizations & Machine Code Generation

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ISBN: 084931240X
Издательство: CRC
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 928
The widespread use of object-oriented languages and Internet security concerns are just the beginning. Add embedded systems, multiple memory banks, highly pipelined units operating in parallel, and a host of other advances and it becomes clear that current and future computer architectures pose immense challenges to compiler designers-challenges that already exceed the capabilities of traditional compilation techniques. The Compiler Design Handbook: Optimizations and Machine Code Generation is designed to help you meet those challenges. Written by top researchers and designers from around the world, it presents detailed, up-to-date discussions on virtually all aspects of compiler optimizations and code generation. It covers a wide range of advanced topics, focusing on contemporary architectures such as VLIW, superscalar, multiprocessor, and digital signal processing. It also includes detailed presentations that highlight the different techniques required for optimizing programs...