Обложка книги Absolute C++ (+ CD-ROM)

Absolute C++ (+ CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0-20170-927-9;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Pub Co
Страниц: 912

This brand new book from best-selling author Walt Savitch offers complete, absolute coverage of the C++ programming language. It provides all of the tools necessary for experienced and novice programmers alike to master C++, including thorough coverage of the Standard Template Library; complete and fully executable code throughout; sections highlighting programming tips and common pitfalls; and a logical order of coverage of C++ topics in order for students to better understand the language, e.g. arrays before classes. As with Savitch's other book Problem Solving with C++, the hallmark feature of this new book is his truly accessible writing which students often acknowledge as the best they've ever read. Absolute C++ is appropriate for introductory courses covering the C++ language, intermediate programming courses introducing C++ to students familiar with another language and will act as a total reference beyond their coursework.