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Andrew S. Glassner

Andrew Glassner's Notebook : Recreational Computer Graphics (Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling)

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ISBN: 1558605983
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Andrew Glassner's computer graphics career combines renowned technical expertise with an exceptional ability to convey what he knows to professionals and hobbyists in many different fields. Reproducing and expanding almost all of his columns from IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications over the past three years, Andrew Glassner's Notebook is an eclectic, provocative, and broadly relevant book sure to entertain and inform you, regardless of the nature of your interest in graphics or the extent of your knowledge. The 4-color illustrations alone, some not previously published, will empower your skills and interest in the graphics world. Inside, you'll gain lasting insights into the principles of computer graphics-not instructionin program-specific techniques but a deep and broad understanding of how to approach the visual world in terms of geometry, patterns, and relationships. And the story doesn't end there. To help you put this understanding to work,...
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