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Michael Landy, Saleem Siddiqui, Jeff Swisher, Michael Lundy

Borland JBuilder Developer's Guide

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ISBN: 067232427X
Издательство: SAMS
JBuilder Developer's Guide provides comprehensive coverage of JBuilder from the practitioner's viewpoint. The authors develop a consolidated application throughout the chapters, allowing conceptual cohesion and illustrating the use of JBuilderto build 'real-world' applications. The examples can be compiled and run under JBuilder Personal edition, a free edition of JBuilder. JBuilder Developer's Guide is not version specific but explains the latest JBuilder 6, 7, and 8 features such as enterprise J2EE application development, CORBA, SOAP, XML tools, Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages/Servlets, and JavaBeans technology. JBuilder repeatedly wins "developer's choice" awards as the best visual tool for developing Java applications.
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