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Ehud Reiter, Robert Dale, Branimir Boguraev, Steven Bird, Don HIndle, Martin Kay, David McDonald, Hans Uszkoreit

Building Natural Language Generation Systems (Studies in Natural Language Processing)

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ISBN: 0521620368, 9780521620369
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
This book explains how to build Natural Language Generation (NLG) systems--computer software systems that automatically generate understandable texts in English or other human languages. NLG systems use knowledge about language and the application domain to automatically produce documents, reports, explanations, help messages, and other kinds of texts. The book covers the algorithms and representations needed to perform the core tasks of document planning, microplanning, and surface realization, using acase study to show how these components fit together. It is essential reading for researchers interested in NLP, AI, and HCI; and for developers interested in advanced document-creation technology.