Обложка книги C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 (+ CD-ROM)

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 (+ CD-ROM)


ISBN: 0-13-124072-2;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
Страниц: 448

The first official Trolltech guide to Qt 3.2 programming! Straight from Trolltech, this book covers all you need to build industrial-strength applications with Qt 3.2.x and C++ - applications that run natively on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and embedded Linux with no source code changes! The book teaches solid Qt programming practices; it is not a rehash of the documentation. You'll find start-to-finish coverage packed with examples, plus a CD with the Qt 3.2 toolset and Borland C++ compilers - including a non-commercial Qt 3.2 for Windows available nowhere else! Build powerful C++ GUI applications quickly and easily. Design dialogs and main windows visually and in code. Learn Qt's innovative type-safe signals and slots mechanism. Use layouts to create forms that automatically size and scale. Create custom signals, slots, events, and controls. Program the ''Qt way'' with techniques for Qt 3.2 that'll work with Qt 4. Code...

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