Обложка книги Concurrency in Dependable Computing

Concurrency in Dependable Computing


ISBN: 1402070438;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

Concurrency in Dependable Computing focuses on concurrency related issues in the area of dependable computing. Failures of system components, be hardware units or software modules, can be viewed as undesirable events occurring concurrently with a set of normal system events. Achieving dependability therefore is closely related to, and also benefits from, concurrency theory and formalisms. This beneficial relationship appears to manifest into three strands of work. Application level structuring of concurrent activities. Concepts such as atomic actions, conversations, exception handling, view synchrony, etc., are useful in structuring concurrent activities so as to facilitate attempts at coping with the effects of component failures. Replication induced concurrency management. Replication is a widely used technique for achieving reliability. Replica management essentially involves ensuring that replicas perceive concurrent events identically. Application of concurrency formalisms...