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Oliver Grillmeyer

Exploring Computer Science With Scheme (Undergraduate Texts in Computer Science)

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ISBN: 0387948953
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
The aim of this textbook is to present the central and basic concepts, techniques, and tools of computer science. The emphasis is on presenting a problem-solving approach and on providing a survey of all of the most important topics covered in computer science degree programs. Scheme is used throughout as the programming language and the author stresses a functional programming approach, which concentrates on the creation of simple functions that are composed to obtain the desired programming goal. Such simple functions are easily tested individually. This greatly helps in producing programs that work right the first time. Throughout, the author presents techniques to aid in the writing of programs and makes liberal use of boxes, which present "Mistakes to Avoid." Many programming examples are discussed in detail, which illustrate general approaches to programming. These include: abstracting a problem; creating pseudo code as an intermediate solution; top-down and! bottom-up design;...