Обложка книги The Letters Of Rudyard Kipling V6 1931-36 (Letters of Rudyard Kipling)

The Letters Of Rudyard Kipling V6 1931-36 (Letters of Rudyard Kipling)

ISBN: 0877458995;
Издательство: University Of Iowa Press
Страниц: 640

Book DescriptionThe most popular author of his day and a paradox who was both an assertive British imperialist and a man of sensitivity and wide reading, Rudyard Kipling is best remembered now as the author of The Jungle Book , the Just-So Stories , and Kim . He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907?the first Englishman to receive this prize. Fully annotated, volumes 5 and 6 conclude the publication of Kipling?s letters, a heroic effort that began with the publication of volume 1 in 1990. The sixth and last volume focuses on Kipling?s final years. Despite his increased suffering, he traveled a great deal (Egypt, France, Marienbad, and Monte Carlo, plus a tour of the Midlands in his new Rolls Royce), published threebooks ( Limits and Renewals, Souvenirs of France, and Collected Dog Stories ), and was made an honorary fellow of Magdalene College and a member of the Institut de France. Aware of his approaching end, he worked at two...

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