Обложка книги Java 2 Primer Plus

Java 2 Primer Plus


ISBN: 0672324156;
Издательство: SAMS

Java Primer Plus guides the reader through the Java programming language from the basic concepts (basic syntax, variable, literals, operators, loops, conditional statements, etc.) through advanced topics (RMI, JDBC, Network socket programming, etc.). It provides a deep explanation of Java programming concepts and technologies using classroom tested and proven techniques. What makes this book unique is that it spends the last part showing the reader how to integrate Java technologies into everyday Web related practices and with other technologies. The dual purpose of the book is: 1. To provide a complete introduction to the Java programming language that balances theory with practicality: it will allow readers to (1) become Java certified programmers and (2) become productive in their Java development. 2. To give concrete experience with integrating Java programming technologies.