Обложка книги Java How to Program, Fifth Edition

Java How to Program, Fifth Edition

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ISBN: 0131016210; 5-9518-0127-3;
Издательство: Prentice Hall

The complete, authoritative DEITEL? LIVE-CODE? introduction to programming with the Java? 2 Platform Standard Edition, JDBCT?, Servlets and JSP? Java? has revolutionized software development with multimedia-intensive, platform-independent, object-oriented code for Internet-, Intranet- and Extranet-based applications. This fifth edition of the world's most widely used Java textbook explains Java's extraordinary capabilities, presents an optional object-oriented design andimplementation experience with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) from the Object Management Group? and introduces n-tier Webapplications development with JDBC?, Servlets and JSP?. Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel are the founders of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized corporate training and content-creation organization specializing in Java?, C++, C, C#, Visual Basics®, .net, Visual C++® .net, XML, Python, Perl, Internet,...

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