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Jens Krinke

Linux/Unix Programming Toolset: Version Control, Construction, Testing, and Debugging

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ISBN: 0470844450, 9780470844458
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
A unique guide to the classic Linux/Unix Toolset. Programming is more than just coding. Software developers must build, analyse and test their programs; they have to avoid performance bottlenecks, administer internal and foreign modifications, findand remove errors. Using tools available under Linux/Unix, developers can solve the problems of the programming practice. * Tools covered are the 'classics' in Linux/Unix environments * Unique coverage of wide range of tools including: DIFF, PATCH, UNRAVEL, GPROF, GCOV, SniFF+ and many more * Includes practical exercises to test competence * Companion Web site includes information on more recent developments as well as extensive additional resources