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Ronald P. Cody, Ron Cody

Longitudinal Data and SAS: A Programmer's Guide

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ISBN: 1580259243
Издательство: SAS Institute, Incorporated
Working with longitudinal data introduces a unique set of challenges. Once you've mastered the art of performing calculations within a single observation of a data set, you're faced with the task of performing calculations or making comparisons between observations. It is simple to look backward in data sets, but how do you look forward and across observations? Ron Cody provides straightforward answers to these and other questions. This book details useful techniques for conducting operations between observations in a SAS data set. For quick reference, the book is conveniently organized to cover: tools--an introduction to powerful SAS programming techniques for longitudinal data; case studies--a variety of illuminating examples that use Ron's techniques; and macros--detailed descriptions of helpful longitudinal data macros. Beginning to intermediate SAS users will appreciate this book's informative, easy-to-comprehend style. And those users who frequently process longitudinal data...
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