Обложка книги Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4

Mastering Java 2, J2SE 1.4

ISBN: 078214022X; 9780782140224;
Издательство: Sybex Inc
Страниц: 928

This fully revised edition of the best-selling Mastering Java 2 focuses on the latest version of J2SE, with an increased emphasis on standard Java language skills. You get enhanced coverage of Swing and the Collections Framework, plus coverage of version1.4's new capabilities for I/O, assertions, and printing. You also get an understanding of object-oriented programming and UML, and learn how to work with the new installation options, including Java Plug-in and Java Web Start. The companion CD-ROM contains all the sample code from the book, the J2SE 1.4 SDK, and a collection of trial Java development software, including Borland's JBuilder. Author John Zukowski is a well-known Java expert, writes columns for Sun's Developer Connection and JavaWorld, and has written a number of books on Java topics, including Swing and Collections.