Обложка книги Mastering Mathematica : Programming Methods and Applications

Mastering Mathematica : Programming Methods and Applications

ISBN: 0122961056;
Издательство: Academic Press

This new edition of Mastering Mathematica focuses on using Mathematica as a programming language, because programming in Mathematica is the best way to use the software to its fullest capacity. The book covers functional programming, imperative programming, rewrite programming, and object-oriented programming. It also addresses the use of Mathematica as a symbolic manipulator and a general tool for knowledge representation. * Focus on four different types of programming styles with Mathematica: functional programming, rewrite (or rule-based) programmng, imperative (or procedural) programming, and object-oriented programming, with many examples of each style * Compatible with Mathematica 3.0 and its programming language * Chapters on graphics programming show how to make the most of the considerable graphics capabilities of Mathematica * Includes coverage of programming needed for creation of Mathematica packages that allow a user to...