Обложка книги Mastering Rational XDE

Mastering Rational XDE


ISBN: 5-85582-268-0; 0782142052; 9780782142051;
Издательство: Sybex Books

Rational's eXtended Development Environment (XDE) is a new UML modeling tool that installs in Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET and IBM's Websphere, combining software modeling and development into a single environment. The leading visual tool for implementing UML models, XDE does more than produce software models: It automatically generates code based on a model. XDE has broadened the market for modeling software to include programmers and software engineers. Mastering Rational XDE, a fully updated edition of Mastering UML with Rational Rose 2002, is the only comprehensive guide to Rational XDE. This all-encompassing resource supplies extensive coverage of: --Both Microsoft's C# .NET and IBM's Websphere Java development environments --Core UML concepts --Key languages used with XDE (C#, Java, Visual Basic) --Platform-neutral modeling concepts and techniques, such as patterns and UML --XDE's complete set of features The tutorial exercise that runs throughout the book has been...