Обложка книги Mathematics for Game Developers (Game Development)

Mathematics for Game Developers (Game Development)

ISBN: 159200038X;
Издательство: Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade

Mathematics for Game Developers is just thata math book designed specifically for the game developer, not the mathematician. As a game developer, you know that math is a fundamental part of your programming arsenal. In order to program a game that goes beyond the basics, you must first master concepts such as matrices and vectors. In this book, you will find some unique solutions for dealing with real problems youll face when programming many types of 3D games. Not only will you learn how to solve these problems, youll also learn why the solution works, enabling you to apply that solution to other problems. Youll also learn how to leverage software to help solve algebraic equations. Through numerous examples, this book clarifies how mathematical ideas fit together and how they apply to game programming.