Обложка книги Mobile Games: Creating Business with Nokia's N-Gage

Mobile Games: Creating Business with Nokia's N-Gage

ISBN: 0735713758;
Издательство: New Riders

NRG and Nokia deliver the book that teaches how to work within the complex, Nokia-proprietary wireless game development platform, N-Gage. Official documentation from Nokia for developers learning how to program mobile games that use the Nokia N-Gage platform. Technology has always driven the game industry forward and introduced newopportunities to create compelling user experiences and positive surprises forthe consumers. While technology has been the main driver, the importance ofusability cannot be underestimated. Today, the game industry is facing thechallenge and opportunity to bring games available for the population of over abillion cell phone users around the world. With this, cell phones are quicklybecoming a platform for game play and a largeone at that. Unlike consolegames, there are numerous platforms to play in the mobile game space, alsoknown as wireless game play, and mobile service providers play a large role inwhat games you can get and play. No matter what type of...

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