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David G. Messerschmitt

Networked Applications: A Guide to the New Computing Infrastructure

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ISBN: 1558605363
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Understanding the rich conjunction of networking and computing is essential for anyone involved in the formulation and implementation of new application ideas, whether in business, education, or government. This book offers nonexperts an accessible, thoughtful introduction to the applications and infrastructure in networked computing, providing you with the information to make the right technological and organizational decisions as you work with developers to design or acquire effective computing solutions. On a bookshelf dominated by either lightweight primers or heavyweight treatises, Networked Applications: A Guide to the New Computing Infrastructure stands apart: a smart book for smart people seeking the knowledge to meet new needs and to improve organizational processes. * Takes a functional, top-down approach, moving from application opportunities to a forward-looking view of the possibilities and limitations of networking and computing technologies. ...
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