Обложка книги Novell's CNE Update to NetWare 6 Study Guide

Novell's CNE Update to NetWare 6 Study Guide

ISBN: 0789729792;
Издательство: Que

Novell certifies thousands of professionals worldwide to manage and support their IT products. Novell certifications involve real-world requirements and performance-based testing. The quality of Novell certified professionals set the Novell certification programs about the rest of the global standard for the IT industry. Eighty percent of hiring managers in IT organizations look for the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) credential. David James Clarke IV's Novell CNE Study Guide for NetWare 6 is the official study guide for passing the CNE required exams. He identifies the core of NetWare 6. He guides the reader through their quest for the NetWare 6 CNE certification and passing the Continuing Certification Requirements.

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