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Simon Robinson, K. Scott Allen, Ollie Cornes, Jay Glynn, Zach Greenvoss, Burton Harvey, Christian Nagel, Morgan Skinner, Karli Watson

Professional C#, Second Edition

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ISBN: 0764543989, 9780764543982
Издательство: Wrox
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 1272
What is this book about? It is no exaggeration to describe the C# language and its associated environment, the .NET Framework, as the most important new technology for developers in many years. .NET provides a new environment within which you can develop almost any Windows-based or web-based application, while C# is a new programming language designed specifically to work with .NET. What does this book cover? This book is the ideal introduction to the C# language andthe .NET Framework, and will become an indispensable companion for any user of C# and .NET. With this book, you learn the key concepts of the C# language, and then progress onto a complete exploration of programming the .NET Framework with C#. Topics covered include the following: How to program in the object-oriented C# language Writing Windows applications and Windows services Writing web pages and web services with ASP.NET Manipulating XML using...