Обложка книги Programming With C#.NET

Programming With C#.NET

ISBN: 0766850080;
Издательство: OnWord Press

Microsofts new .NET initiative is quickly beginning to revolutionize the programming industry with its new object oriented products, one of which is C#.NET. Ted Coombs Programming With C#.NET contains all that a programmer or developer needs to know about C#.NET. This book covers the features of the new program, differences between the last version of C++ and the new C#, and how the new features affect the work process and the final results of programming. The format of the book makes it easy for readers to follow the topics and quickly learn all the key points and finer details of migrating to C#.NET. New productivity features that developers need to rapidly create Web applications are presented, as well as ways that the software will simplify and streamline the developing process. The programs new support for Web Forms, Web Services, and object-oriented language features are all covered within Programming With C#.NET.

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